[...] They took her (her sister in law) to a meeting. Her children were very young and she said that they invited her to a meeting. One of her children was over 1 year old and could walk a little bit. I brought her children. She was eating together with others at the eating hall before she left for the meeting. She asked me to look after her children. [...] At night, the village chief came to take all her property. [...] They took all three children. The second child hid under a bed, but they still found him and took him away. I asked them to keep the youngest child but they refused. They said that they brought all the children to their mother and ‘Yuon’ [Vietnamese] relatives should not be left behind. [...] Whenever they had meetings, they said that, all ‘Yuon’ should be killed and should not be left on Khmer territory. [...] They said “Yuon eat bran and grow tails”. Ms. KHUN Samith, a Khmer Civil Party from Prey Veng province

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